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Need an Insurance Company to Work with Your Mechanic?

How Having a Direct Repair Program Will Help with Your Auto Repair Shop

Some car insurance companies have what is called a direct repair program, this is used to offer repairs for their clients. With this kind of program, an auto repair shop and a car insurance company will seal a contract in order for them to provide repairs for the insurance company’s clients. This was first seen in the late 70s; however, the idea only became more common in the late 80s.

If you are involved in an accident, simply call your insurance company or the insurer of the driver who was at fault. The insurance company will then refer you to a network of repair facilities that provide a limited lifetime warranty on repairs done to your car. The service could provide rental car deals also. Because the insurance company and the repair shop oversee all the paperwork, you will not have to cut through all the red tape.

Auto repair shop insuranceThe repair shop and insurer will determine all the provisions of their direct repair program. The benefit will be the repair specialist will have a steady line of clients. Also, they could be on more than one insurance program.

Even though this kind of agreement does create extra paperwork for the repair shop, it also stops any delays. When extra parts are required, the shop will not need to halt their repairs in order to wait for a adjuster to come and re-evaluate the situation. Insurance companies will speak about the benefits of such a program to their clients, telling them about all the warranties on any repair work done and their freedom from estimates and other details.

Some contracts between insurance firms and repair specialists need the mechanics to write every estimate only using aftermarket or salvaged parts. Some contracts require the repair shop to carry the responsibility for all liability on repairs done, thus identifying the insurer from all potential lawsuits their customer could bring.

So if you are living in or around the San Francisco, CA area and need a reliable auto repair shop, call City Auto Tech now at (415) 643-6129.

Do You Need Your Car’s Electronics Looked At?

When Will an Auto Repair Shop Need Diagnostic Software?

Auto Diagnostic SoftwareAutomotive diagnostics software, interfaces with a vehicle’s on board computer to provide troubleshooting data. It is able to reset an check engine light on the dashboard, pull codes that are stored in the ECU, and narrow down problems. This software is an excellent tool when performing automotive maintenance.

Nearly every modern vehicle has an ECU, also known as an Engine Control Module, which keeps track of the numerous sensors which are found throughout an engine. With a fuel-injected engine, sensors provide the ECU with information, which the computer will use to make adjustments to the fuel and air intake mixture. When an ECU finds a problem it is unable to repair, it stores a trouble code to be used later, which will point out to the auto repair shop mechanic what and where the problem is.

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Need a Professional to Look at Your Car’s Electrics?

What Is the Main Job of an Auto Electrical Service Technician?

An auto electrician is someone that works on the electrical system of vehicles. They could be the one responsible for the wiring of a vehicle when it is getting assembled, or he could be the one repairing the existing electrical systems in older vehicles. This kind of technician has to be trained in many types of electrical systems, and in many cases, have at least a high school education, this will be needed to get a position in this field. Many electricians will attend training courses or be an apprentice to learn all the skills necessary, certification could be needed within certain places in the world.

Auto electrical service

One of the main duties of an auto electrician is identifying problems with the electrical system found in a vehicle. This can be extremely hard, all depending on the kind of vehicle due to the fact that some systems can be much more complex than others. Certain tools are used to do a diagnostic test, and the auto electrical service technician has to understand how to use these tools properly. Electrical shocks are hazards which an auto electrician has to learn how to prevent, not only for his own safety but for the safety of others too, in addition to the preservation of equipment found within a vehicle.

Once a diagnosis has been performed, the electrician will then write up a quote for their customer. This makes sure the costs of repairs are covered, and their customer has an idea of how much they will be spending to get the issue repaired. The electrician, therefore, must have a complete understanding on how much every piece of equipment costs, in addition to how long it will take to do the repair. This can be hard for new electricians; however, experienced ones develop a good understanding on how long repairs will take and what complications could occur.

So if you are having problems with the electrics of your vehicle and are looking for a qualified auto electrical service in the San Francisco, CA area, contact City Auto Tech immediately at (415) 643-6129.

What Do You Need to Do in Order to Prepare Your Car for a Smog Check

Smog Check Motor-Vehicle Requirements

If you have never passed a vehicle smog check before, then you probably need some tips to help you get ready for it. Read this post, and you will learn everything you need to know before you get your car inspected!

Least expensive upgrades:

  • San Francisco smog testingOil and oil filter change
  • Oil filter and fuel filter change
  • If your positive crankcase valve (PCV) is stuck and it does not click when you shake it, then get it replaced.

Moderate upgrades:

  • Visually inspect your vehicle for worn or torn vacuum lines and replace them if necessary.
  • Check and replace the spark plugs if necessary.
  • Check or replace the spark plug wires.
  • Replace the distributor rotor.

Difficult (most expensive) upgrades:

  • Get the oil leaks around the engine checked if you believe that your emission system is not working right.
  • Check the engine light/lamp.
  • Check vacuum leaks.
  • Check the fuel injection cleaning.
  • Check throttle body cleaning
  • Check whether the EGR valve is working correctly.
  • Check for exhaust leaks if your car is getting very noisy when you accelerate the engine.
  • If our tail pipes are dispersing white smoke, you may have a water coolant leak, and if the smoke is black, you may have an oil leak inside the engine. Check in your exhaust just in case.

Special equipment has to be used by a mechanic to get all these parts checked. If you are looking for a specialist to help you with at inspection, you can always refer to a specialist from our team in San Francisco, CA! City Auto Tech can help you repair your vehicle before a smog check, so that you pass it without any problems! Call us now at (415) 643-6129 to check out when will be the best time to visit our auto repair shop.

How to Determine It It’s Time for a Brake Repair Service

The brake system is perhaps the most important safety feature of your vehicle. Although it’s comprised of many parts that are working together, most of them are designed to last extended periods of time. However, we cannot say the same about the brake pads. These parts are designed so that they wear out, so obviously, you need to replace them regularly. Here are several signs that you should schedule your car for a brake repair service.

Get brake repair service by trustworthy mechanics.

The brakes make a clicking noise

Each brake pad is made of two components, a metal plate and a layer of material that is wearing out every time you use the brakes. When the filler material is depleted, the metal plate will start touching the brake disk (which is also made of metal). This action generates a specific noise. Obviously, when you hear this noise, you should have your pads replaced as soon as possible. Continuing to use worn out pads will lead to disk damage.

The pads appear too thin

You can always check the condition of your pads by looking at them through the spikes of the wheel. If the pads appear too thin, then you should replace them. As a rule of thumb, if your pads are less than a ? inch thick, then you need to schedule a visit to your local brake repair shop.

The car is pulling

Although a car pulling to the side of the road can indicate several problems, it often signals that the brake pads may be depleted. One way to know for sure is to inspect the pads yourself. Additionally, look for any signs of damage on the rotor. A damaged brake disk can make your pads wear out quicker and unevenly.

Replacing brake pads is not a job for amateurs. Considering that the safety feature of your vehicle is at stake, you should use a professional brake repair service. If you reside in San Francisco, CA, then look no further than City Auto Tech. We use quality parts and high-tech equipment. Call us at (415) 643-6129 if you have any questions.

5 Things in Your Car That You Should Replace Every Now and Then

Parts which should be replaced regularly in order to prevent costly auto repair

Welcome again! In today’s blog article, we will give you more information about five of the important parts in your car that should be replaced regularly.

1. Engine and other belts
The timing belt should be changed every 60,000 miles and the engine belt ever 35,000 miles. If they are not changed on time, the consequences might be devastating. A belt breakdown might damage you whole engine. Needless to say, this will lead to a very expensive auto repair.
Expert auto repair service2. Oil and oil filter
When the oil of a car is changed, this means that the oil filter should be replaced too. This should be done every 12 months or 6,000 miles(whichever comes first) in order to be sure that your engine is working optimally and to avoid the need for a major auto repair.
3. Filters
The air filter should also be replaced every twelve months. However, if you drive your vehicle in areas with more dust and particles in the wind, you can do it more often. It is recommended that you change the fuel filter every 18-24 months.
4. Tires
In normal conditions, the tires of your car might last more than five years. However, if you are driving a lot, and your style of driving is more aggressive, measure your tires regularly, and you will know when to change them.
5. Brakes
As you can probably guess, you shouldn’t delay the regular pad and brake fluid change. If you hear a strange noise every time you press the brake, this means that it’s time for the pads to be changed. Delaying it might cause accidents and put you at risk!

Whether you need a transmission or body service, our company is the one you can count on! So, visit our auto body shop in San Francisco, CA, and we will prove that City Auto Tech is the right company for you.

Need a Mechanic You Know Won’t Rip You Off?

Things to Consider When Looking for a Reputable Auto Repair Shop

mechanic's handFew cars ever go their entire lifespan without needing at least one major repair. The question is then, which auto repair garage best suits your needs and your pocket or time constraints. One could provide lower estimated costs but put your car off the road for weeks. Another could promise speedy service, but the parts could be expensive. When it comes to auto repairs, you need to make compromises between price, time and quality.

One important thing when looking for an auto shop is reputation. Local garages are usually known within the community. It pays off to ask colleagues, local businesses and family where they take their cars for any repairs or services.

You should also contact the Better Business Bureau for any feedback on the different auto shops in your region. A rough guide to finding a repair shop could be how many cars can be seen in the garage or waiting areas. The quality ones will have more cars waiting for repair or leaving awaiting customer pick up.

There are different levels of service provided by auto repair shops. At the top are service centers by new car dealers. The mechanics are trained by one big car manufacturer, so they are familiar with a certain type of car model and can get original factory parts. The biggest problem using these is the price. Unless the car is under warranty or your insurance will cover all costs, prices will be higher with these types of repair shops.

The next type of service is found in chains or private garages. Look for training certificates displayed in the waiting area. Private shops usually have certified mechanics that enjoy their work. Since they are not affiliated with any particular manufacturer, the mechanics are  free to use any parts whenever possible. Labor charges will be less since the mechanic does not charge by the hour for the actual repair time.

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Busting Car Care Myths

Our Auto Body Shop Specialists Know Your Vehicle Better Than You Do

In this post, the auto repair specialists working for City Auto Tech will bust 7 myths about the maintenance of your vehicle. We hope that the following information will be helpful to many local vehicle owners that care about the maintenance of their car.

1. The louder the exhaust, the more powerful the engine.

TRUTH: Smaller engines may end up being louder but this does not necessarily mean that they are more powerful.

2. Topping off brake fluid, if it is low fixes, the problem.

TRUTH: Low brake fluid can mean that your brakes are worn out or you have a leak.

3. If you jump start your automobile, you can quickly re-charge its battery.

TRUTH: In order to fully recharge the battery of your vehicle, you may need to drive for hours (if it can hold a charge at all). The best thing to do when you have such a problem is to get your battery checked at your auto repair shop.

4. The purpose of your vehicle’s exhaust system is only to reduce noise.

TRUTH: They also reduce the harmful emissions which helps the environment.

5. Your car’s coolant does not need to be changed ever.

TRUTH: The coolant in your car should be replaced once every 5 years. You should get your vehicle inspected for leaks when the coolant is low.

6. The oil in your automobile should be changed every 3,000 miles.

TRUTH: Every vehicle manufacturer recommends a different interval of time for oil change. Check your owner’s manual to learn about the requirements for your car.

7. You Need to maintain your automobile at a dealership to maintain your warranty.

TRUTH: A licensed auto body shop can do the work and maintain your warranty as long as everything is done on schedule.

For more tips and recommendations regarding the maintenance of your vehicle, you can visit our auto body shop in San Francisco, CA! Schedule an appointment in advance at (415) 643-6129 if you want to make sure that one of our qualified mechanics will be available to pay personal attention to your car’s problems when you arrive for an inspection!

Someone keyed your car, and now you need the paint to marry it in?

What auto body paint is available?

Auto body paintVehicle paint has changed a lot since the 1800s, and today’s market offers four different types to choose from. Let’s have a quick look at the different kinds of paint an auto body shop would use and their advantages and disadvantages.
The four types of paint available are acrylic enamel, acrylic lacquer, acrylic urethane, and water based. However, lets drop the word acrylic and just refer to them as lacquers, enamels, water based and urethanes.

Lacquer paint was popular in mid 1920s and 1960s and can still be found today, although it is illegal in some states or areas. Lacquer paint is inexpensive and easy to use, especially for an amateur, plus it gives a high sheen gloss. However, the downside to this is that it chips easy and does not stand up well to UV rays.

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