How to understand whether you can fix a damaged bumper yourself or you should bring it to an auto body shop.

Bumpers are the first line of defense for your vehicle in case of a collision or an accident. So naturally, they are the first ones that get damaged. Depending on the gravity of the collision, some bumpers may suffer severe damage, while others can develop only a few cracks or dents. Luckily, lightly damaged bumpers can be fixed. Even more, some can be fixed by the car owners themselves, without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on auto repair. The solution comes with bumper repair kits. But, the question is, can they really replace a professional service? Let’s find out.

auto body shop exampleFirst, we have to take the cost factor into consideration. Obviously, using a bumper repair kit yourself, is much cheaper than bringing your car to an auto body shop. However, the cost shouldn’t be the decisive factor. There are more important things to consider, such as quality of the repair, the warranty you get for the job, etc. A rule of thumb is to first examine the damage of your bumper thoroughly. If it’s nothing more than a scratch, crack or a bump, bumper repair kits may be a viable option. But if the damage is extensive, you should consider hiring an auto repair service provider.

If you decide to go with the repair kit, then here’s what you need to know. Every bumper repair kit contains touch-up paint colors, grain paper, fillers and sandpaper. Besides this, you will also need a screwdriver and a set of wrenches to remove the bumper from your car. Once the bumper is completely out, set it on a table and clean it properly. The bumper must be clean and dry before you start the repair. Using sandpaper, clean the area where the crack is, from both sides. Apply the filler next, and give it time to settle. After approximately one hour, level the excess of filling using the grain paper. Finally, apply the paint and you’re done.

Although using bumper repair kits sounds easy, sometimes, problems may appear during the process. If you want to avoid such situations, and ensure your bumper is fixed properly, contact City Auto Tech. They are the most reliable auto body shop in San Francisco, CA. Furthermore, their rates are highly competitive. Call (415) 643-6129 and find out yourself.