People hold onto their cars for a number of different reasons – you love the vehicle; finances are tight; or you enjoy the idea of owning a car for years. Whatever the reason, you may be concerned that the timing and cost of auto repair is becoming too much, and maybe it’s time for a new vehicle.

Auto body shop serviceSooner or later, most car owners have to make a tough judgment call, to repair or not to repair. Here’s short and honest answer – an auto repair or auto body work is probably wise if you are certain you can make more money when selling the vehicle (in its repaired state) than the cost of the repair, and you aren’t ready to give up on the car you love so much. However, you shouldn’t make that decision lightly but consult with a San Francisco CA prime auto body shop, City Auto Tech. They will be able to provide you with the best solution.

What you should do is to make sure that choice will be far in the future. You can do that by following those simple tips in order to help your car last.

Engine – An engine is a vital part of your vehicle’s functionality. When it is so worn out or irreversibly damaged and it needs replacing, the cost alone makes it worth considering other options. A brand new engine can breathe new life into a vehicle and is worth replacing if the rest of the car, including the auto body, is still in good condition, or if it is fully or partially covered by warranty or insurance. If you are not sure how extensive the auto repair might be, contact your local auto body shop and request a full assessment.

Major repair jobs — Sometimes the necessary auto repair jobs aren’t time consuming and costly individually–they just need repeating. Your auto center can continue to fix the issues one by one, with the time spent and costs adding up. At this point, a serious time and cost analysis is essential, so you can make a decision about selling your car and purchasing a new one from a San Francisco CA dealer. Brake repair is a serious problem, and if it occurs frequently you should definitely take it into consideration.

New or used parts — It may seem smart to continue repairing a vehicle indefinitely and can continue to be done. However, if parts become too expensive and obsolete, it may be time to let go.

Been in an accident
– Although mechanics can perform miracles with many things when fixing a vehicle that’s been wrecked, it’s virtually impossible to hide the fact that the car has been in a collision. When you finally decide to sell the vehicle, the record of that accident is going hurt significantly the resale value. Deciding to sell the vehicle before it loses too much value might be the wisest decision.

It’s not an easy decision whether to have a necessary brake repair, auto body repair, or to purchase a new car. Considering the above mentioned circumstances along with contacting your auto center for advice can give you a helpful perspective.

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