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Had a Fender Bender Looking for a Reputable Repair Shop?

Things to Consider When Looking for an Auto Repair Shop!

Quality markFew vehicles ever go through life without the need for at least one major auto repair. The question becomes which shop best suits your needs and your finances. One shop could offer a lower bill, but your car could be out of commission for weeks. Another could promise rapid service, but the parts could be more expensive. When it comes down to repairs, which one would you choose: quality service or timeliness and cost.
One important thing to think about when choosing an auto repair place is reputation. Local garages are known entities in the community. It pays to ask co-workers, business owners and friends where they take their cars for service and repairs.

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How Heat Affects Your Car?

A Vehicle Damage Caused by Summer Heat Can Cost You High Auto Repair Bills

VehicleWith the summer season approaching, our auto repair specialists have decided to tell you a few words about the effects of sun on your auto body, and how you can protect your vehicle from the UV rays and heat. If you park your car outside for 10 minutes during the summer and there are no trees to throw shade around, the temperature inside will become 109?F. After 20 minutes, it will rise to 119?F. In 30 minutes, it will become 124?F. Forty minutes of exposure to summer sun will lead to an interior car temperature of 133?F. And if you leave it at a parking lot for an hour and a half, the temperature will reach the shocking 138?F, which is 48?F hotter than the outside temperature.

If you are a fan of cookies, you will be happy to learn that at this temperature, you will only need about 2 hours to bake some in your car. Of course, this heat can damage your vehicle, and you may have to visit an auto body shop to get it fixed. Here are some of the most common damage cases:

  • Paint damage. Prolonged sun exposure can fade the color of your vehicle over time. Even parking under a tree can be bad for your paint if the tree produces sap.
    Shortened battery life. Heat causes fluid in the battery to evaporate. The lack of fluid will damage the battery’s internal structure.
    Interior damage. Heat can cause your dash to crack, even if you use a protective finish. Interior upholstery can fade and lose its luster.
  • Tire damage. Under-inflated tires are more prone to blowouts when it is hot outside.
    Overheated engine. The cooling system of your car’s engine should be properly maintained by an auto repair specialist. Otherwise, your engine may easily overheat.
  • Excessive AC and fuel use. A car parked in the sun takes much longer to cool down than the one parked inside a closed parking lot.

Should you experience a car problem caused by the summer heat in San Francisco, CA, you can always visit the auto body shop City Auto Tech and get the issue solved. You can reach us for emergency consultations at (415) 643-6129!

How to Prepare Your Car to Pass a Smog Check?

What needs to be done before a smog check is performed?

You can upgrade the state of your automobile before a smoke check by doing some repairs. Of course, the things you will spend money on depend on your budget. Today, City Auto Tech of San Francisco, CA will help you plan your car upgrades for less than 5 minutes. Pick your type of budget and check out which parts of your vehicle can be improved for the amount you are willing to spend.

Smog checksEasy inexpensive upgrades:

  • oil or oil filter change
  • air and fuel filter change (needed approximately once in 5 years)
  • positive crankcase valve (PCV) change – if the valve clicks when you shake it, then it is good.

Moderate more expensive upgrades

  • check or change the spark plugs of your automobile
  • check or replace the spark plug wires
  • replace the distributor rotor (applies only for cars with a distributer)

Difficult more expensive upgrades

  • check oil leaks around the engine
  • check whether the engine light/lamp is on
  • check the exhaust
  • check the exhaust leaks
  • check vacuum leaks
  • throttle body cleaning
  • fuel injection cleaning
  • check whether the EGR valve is working correctly

If you do not pass your smog check, the specialist who did inspect your automobile may suggest that you get your engine checked and find out what problems your vehicle has and how you can resolve them.

If you know your car has some minor problems, you’d better drive it for at least 30 minutes before the inspection, so that all liquids in your car get heated well. This is a small trick but it works for perfectly for people who are on the verge of failing a vehicle inspection.

When looking for a reliable local automobile inspection service you can count on our team for help. All you need to do in order to learn what is the official procedure is to call our auto repair shop at (415) 643-6129 and speak to one of our friendly mechanics who know everything about smog check.

people need auto repair

Signs that your car needs professional assistance

How to determine when your car requires auto repair

There are many reasons why you should keep your car well-maintained. The most obvious one is to avoid embarrassing breakdowns. However, even well-maintained vehicles can malfunction. Some problems may require professional auto repair service, while others can be fixed on the spot. But in order to determine the gravity of the problem, you must first learn a few things about common car issues.

1. Driving Problems. The most obvious sign that your car needs repair is when it doesn’t drive properly. For instance, if your brakes are not as prompt as they used to be or the car doesn’t drive smoothly when you try to keep a constant speed, then you need immediate repair. Brake problems are particularly dangerous as they can lead to serious accidents, but any other car issue can be equally dangerous.

2. Unstable car. One very common car issue is when the vehicle is shaking and the wheel is vibrating even though you drive on a smooth road. This usually signals a problem with your steering system or a flat tire. The latter can be fixed on site; however, problematic steering systems have to be fixed in an auto body shop.

3. Engine Problems. When your car doesn’t start, it’s a sign of engine problems. You can rule out the dead battery situation by having your vehicle jump started. If this doesn’t help, then you may have a problem with the starter. Replacing the starter of a vehicle must be done in a specialized auto shop.

4. Strange Noises. Most transmission issues can be identified by listening to the sound your car is making when it’s driven. A loud and annoying noise coming from underneath your car may signal lack of transmission fluid or a broken exhaust. You should inspect the fluid level immediately and refill the system if needed. Broken exhaust pipes are not considered top priority; however they can cause stress in traffic. You should visit an auto shop that specializes in auto body work and have the problem fixed.

5. Damaged Interior. This is a problem that doesn’t necessarily require immediate assistance; however it plays a major role in your car’s aesthetic beauty. Worn out seats and damaged dashboards must be fixed in order to preserve the value of your car. In order to do so, you should bring your car to an auto body shop.

City Auto Tech is the most reliable auto repair shop in San Francisco, CA. We provide auto repair and auto body work. If your car shows signs of problems, then call us at (415) 643-6129, and we can repair it for you without a hitch.

Auto Bills

Which Are the Most Expensive Car Repairs?

In order to buy an expensive car you should not only be able to afford its cost but also its auto repair bills

Today we will focus on one topic concerning auto repair, which most male vehicle owners will be interested to read. Check it out!

The most expensive “check-engine” light-related repairs by average cost of repair or replacement, are as follows:

  • fuel injection pump – $2,505
  • transmission and torque converter – $3,982
  • transmission case and torque converter – $ 2,896
  • transmission assembly and reprogram the ECM- $3, 644
  • gas mass sensor – $3,043
  • supercharger – $3,017
  • hybrid battery – $2,999
  • hybrid inverter assembly – $4,099
  • cylinder head assembly and spark plugs – $3,575
  • transfer case shift motor – $3,272

The most expensive cars to crash are:

  • Ferrari California – $82,112 (average repair cost after a collision)
  • Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet – $24,679 (average repair cost after a collision)
  • Porsche Panamera Turbo – $16,027 (average repair cost after a collision)
  • Maserati Granturismo – $16,150 (average repair cost after a collision)
  • Nissan GT-R – $15,285 (average repair cost after a collision)

Catching problems early can save you a lot of money and headaches, so do not wait until it is too late! Here is how you can prevent three of the most common auto problems:

  • To avoid evaporative emissions leak, you can tightly reseal the gas cap after filling up the tank. Another thing you can do is apply rust protection to reduce fuel system line corrosion.
  • To protect your system from running too lean, you can book regular maintenance appointments with your local mechanic or take your car to a repair shop each time a check engine light is illuminated.
  • To avoid exhaust gas recirculation system failure, you should professionally clean the fuel system every 30,000 miles.

When you need more auto repair advice, visit the auto shop of City Auto Tech, in San Francisco, CA, or call (415) 643-6129 for some free tips! We are always here to help you deal with a vehicle issue!

Full service auto body shop

Increasing the visual presence of your car

Or the tuning which an auto body shop can give you

Everybody who owns a car has thought about putting a bit of “spice” to it. Whether it’s new rims, headlights, or painting racing stripes, we all want our cars to be a bit different from their factory set-up. And although you can change something that is already there, you can go a step beyond, and perform an auto body tuning. A professional auto body shop can always recommend optimal solutions, in order to make your car look custom made. City Auto Tech has listed a few auto body parts, which can be changed in order to provide your car with a unique characteristic. Take a look:

Face Mask

Usually, the standard face mask of a car has the car emblem on top, but it is possible to swap it for a mask without an emblem, giving your vehicle a mysterious look.

Front and Rear Bumper

There is almost an endless variety of bumpers, which can even further make your car look special. They are different in shapes and sizes, and can be even custom produced to your own specification.

Side Skirts

The bottom side part of a car has a border frame, which is fully customizable too. There are those side skirts which are made in a similar motif with the front and rear bumper, for a matching visual effect.


Now we’re talking. The spoiler is an air flow stabilizer attached on the car’s backside, making it look incredible. There are those models made for purely decorative purposes, however most of them are fully functional.


The front hood of the car can be customized with racing air vent holes for greater air intake, or custom made grooves, in order to provide aerodynamic stability.

There are many more features on the car’s body which you can upgrade, and achieve a visual effect as well as a performance increase. If you wish to find out more about car body tuning, call our San Francisco, CA auto body shop. We will be delighted to share all our information with you.

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Bumper repair

Bumper Repair Kits vs. Professional Auto Repair.

How to understand whether you can fix a damaged bumper yourself or you should bring it to an auto body shop.

Bumpers are the first line of defense for your vehicle in case of a collision or an accident. So naturally, they are the first ones that get damaged. Depending on the gravity of the collision, some bumpers may suffer severe damage, while others can develop only a few cracks or dents. Luckily, lightly damaged bumpers can be fixed. Even more, some can be fixed by the car owners themselves, without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on auto repair. The solution comes with bumper repair kits. But, the question is, can they really replace a professional service? Let’s find out.

auto body shop exampleFirst, we have to take the cost factor into consideration. Obviously, using a bumper repair kit yourself, is much cheaper than bringing your car to an auto body shop. However, the cost shouldn’t be the decisive factor. There are more important things to consider, such as quality of the repair, the warranty you get for the job, etc. A rule of thumb is to first examine the damage of your bumper thoroughly. If it’s nothing more than a scratch, crack or a bump, bumper repair kits may be a viable option. But if the damage is extensive, you should consider hiring an auto repair service provider.

If you decide to go with the repair kit, then here’s what you need to know. Every bumper repair kit contains touch-up paint colors, grain paper, fillers and sandpaper. Besides this, you will also need a screwdriver and a set of wrenches to remove the bumper from your car. Once the bumper is completely out, set it on a table and clean it properly. The bumper must be clean and dry before you start the repair. Using sandpaper, clean the area where the crack is, from both sides. Apply the filler next, and give it time to settle. After approximately one hour, level the excess of filling using the grain paper. Finally, apply the paint and you’re done.

Although using bumper repair kits sounds easy, sometimes, problems may appear during the process. If you want to avoid such situations, and ensure your bumper is fixed properly, contact City Auto Tech. They are the most reliable auto body shop in San Francisco, CA. Furthermore, their rates are highly competitive. Call (415) 643-6129 and find out yourself.


Can’t made your mind up whether to sell or repair your vehicle? Just keep reading!

People hold onto their cars for a number of different reasons – you love the vehicle; finances are tight; or you enjoy the idea of owning a car for years. Whatever the reason, you may be concerned that the timing and cost of auto repair is becoming too much, and maybe it’s time for a new vehicle.

Auto body shop serviceSooner or later, most car owners have to make a tough judgment call, to repair or not to repair. Here’s short and honest answer – an auto repair or auto body work is probably wise if you are certain you can make more money when selling the vehicle (in its repaired state) than the cost of the repair, and you aren’t ready to give up on the car you love so much. However, you shouldn’t make that decision lightly but consult with a San Francisco CA prime auto body shop, City Auto Tech. They will be able to provide you with the best solution.

What you should do is to make sure that choice will be far in the future. You can do that by following those simple tips in order to help your car last.

Engine – An engine is a vital part of your vehicle’s functionality. When it is so worn out or irreversibly damaged and it needs replacing, the cost alone makes it worth considering other options. A brand new engine can breathe new life into a vehicle and is worth replacing if the rest of the car, including the auto body, is still in good condition, or if it is fully or partially covered by warranty or insurance. If you are not sure how extensive the auto repair might be, contact your local auto body shop and request a full assessment.

Major repair jobs — Sometimes the necessary auto repair jobs aren’t time consuming and costly individually–they just need repeating. Your auto center can continue to fix the issues one by one, with the time spent and costs adding up. At this point, a serious time and cost analysis is essential, so you can make a decision about selling your car and purchasing a new one from a San Francisco CA dealer. Brake repair is a serious problem, and if it occurs frequently you should definitely take it into consideration.

New or used parts — It may seem smart to continue repairing a vehicle indefinitely and can continue to be done. However, if parts become too expensive and obsolete, it may be time to let go.

Been in an accident
– Although mechanics can perform miracles with many things when fixing a vehicle that’s been wrecked, it’s virtually impossible to hide the fact that the car has been in a collision. When you finally decide to sell the vehicle, the record of that accident is going hurt significantly the resale value. Deciding to sell the vehicle before it loses too much value might be the wisest decision.

It’s not an easy decision whether to have a necessary brake repair, auto body repair, or to purchase a new car. Considering the above mentioned circumstances along with contacting your auto center for advice can give you a helpful perspective.

Need professional advice on auto body or any other kind of auto repair ? Contact City Auto Tech of San Francisco CA. The qualified mechanics at our auto body shop will be happy to assist you with any of your car problems. Call #PHONE for more information.