The brake system is perhaps the most important safety feature of your vehicle. Although it’s comprised of many parts that are working together, most of them are designed to last extended periods of time. However, we cannot say the same about the brake pads. These parts are designed so that they wear out, so obviously, you need to replace them regularly. Here are several signs that you should schedule your car for a brake repair service.

Get brake repair service by trustworthy mechanics.

The brakes make a clicking noise

Each brake pad is made of two components, a metal plate and a layer of material that is wearing out every time you use the brakes. When the filler material is depleted, the metal plate will start touching the brake disk (which is also made of metal). This action generates a specific noise. Obviously, when you hear this noise, you should have your pads replaced as soon as possible. Continuing to use worn out pads will lead to disk damage.

The pads appear too thin

You can always check the condition of your pads by looking at them through the spikes of the wheel. If the pads appear too thin, then you should replace them. As a rule of thumb, if your pads are less than a ? inch thick, then you need to schedule a visit to your local brake repair shop.

The car is pulling

Although a car pulling to the side of the road can indicate several problems, it often signals that the brake pads may be depleted. One way to know for sure is to inspect the pads yourself. Additionally, look for any signs of damage on the rotor. A damaged brake disk can make your pads wear out quicker and unevenly.

Replacing brake pads is not a job for amateurs. Considering that the safety feature of your vehicle is at stake, you should use a professional brake repair service. If you reside in San Francisco, CA, then look no further than City Auto Tech. We use quality parts and high-tech equipment. Call us at (415) 643-6129 if you have any questions.