How Having a Direct Repair Program Will Help with Your Auto Repair Shop

Some car insurance companies have what is called a direct repair program, this is used to offer repairs for their clients. With this kind of program, an auto repair shop and a car insurance company will seal a contract in order for them to provide repairs for the insurance company’s clients. This was first seen in the late 70s; however, the idea only became more common in the late 80s.

If you are involved in an accident, simply call your insurance company or the insurer of the driver who was at fault. The insurance company will then refer you to a network of repair facilities that provide a limited lifetime warranty on repairs done to your car. The service could provide rental car deals also. Because the insurance company and the repair shop oversee all the paperwork, you will not have to cut through all the red tape.

Auto repair shop insuranceThe repair shop and insurer will determine all the provisions of their direct repair program. The benefit will be the repair specialist will have a steady line of clients. Also, they could be on more than one insurance program.

Even though this kind of agreement does create extra paperwork for the repair shop, it also stops any delays. When extra parts are required, the shop will not need to halt their repairs in order to wait for a adjuster to come and re-evaluate the situation. Insurance companies will speak about the benefits of such a program to their clients, telling them about all the warranties on any repair work done and their freedom from estimates and other details.

Some contracts between insurance firms and repair specialists need the mechanics to write every estimate only using aftermarket or salvaged parts. Some contracts require the repair shop to carry the responsibility for all liability on repairs done, thus identifying the insurer from all potential lawsuits their customer could bring.

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