What needs to be done before a smog check is performed?

You can upgrade the state of your automobile before a smoke check by doing some repairs. Of course, the things you will spend money on depend on your budget. Today, City Auto Tech of San Francisco, CA will help you plan your car upgrades for less than 5 minutes. Pick your type of budget and check out which parts of your vehicle can be improved for the amount you are willing to spend.

Smog checksEasy inexpensive upgrades:

  • oil or oil filter change
  • air and fuel filter change (needed approximately once in 5 years)
  • positive crankcase valve (PCV) change – if the valve clicks when you shake it, then it is good.

Moderate more expensive upgrades

  • check or change the spark plugs of your automobile
  • check or replace the spark plug wires
  • replace the distributor rotor (applies only for cars with a distributer)

Difficult more expensive upgrades

  • check oil leaks around the engine
  • check whether the engine light/lamp is on
  • check the exhaust
  • check the exhaust leaks
  • check vacuum leaks
  • throttle body cleaning
  • fuel injection cleaning
  • check whether the EGR valve is working correctly

If you do not pass your smog check, the specialist who did inspect your automobile may suggest that you get your engine checked and find out what problems your vehicle has and how you can resolve them.

If you know your car has some minor problems, you’d better drive it for at least 30 minutes before the inspection, so that all liquids in your car get heated well. This is a small trick but it works for perfectly for people who are on the verge of failing a vehicle inspection.

When looking for a reliable local automobile inspection service you can count on our team for help. All you need to do in order to learn what is the official procedure is to call our auto repair shop at (415) 643-6129 and speak to one of our friendly mechanics who know everything about smog check.