Parts which should be replaced regularly in order to prevent costly auto repair

Welcome again! In today’s blog article, we will give you more information about five of the important parts in your car that should be replaced regularly.

1. Engine and other belts
The timing belt should be changed every 60,000 miles and the engine belt ever 35,000 miles. If they are not changed on time, the consequences might be devastating. A belt breakdown might damage you whole engine. Needless to say, this will lead to a very expensive auto repair.
Expert auto repair service2. Oil and oil filter
When the oil of a car is changed, this means that the oil filter should be replaced too. This should be done every 12 months or 6,000 miles(whichever comes first) in order to be sure that your engine is working optimally and to avoid the need for a major auto repair.
3. Filters
The air filter should also be replaced every twelve months. However, if you drive your vehicle in areas with more dust and particles in the wind, you can do it more often. It is recommended that you change the fuel filter every 18-24 months.
4. Tires
In normal conditions, the tires of your car might last more than five years. However, if you are driving a lot, and your style of driving is more aggressive, measure your tires regularly, and you will know when to change them.
5. Brakes
As you can probably guess, you shouldn’t delay the regular pad and brake fluid change. If you hear a strange noise every time you press the brake, this means that it’s time for the pads to be changed. Delaying it might cause accidents and put you at risk!

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