Or the tuning which an auto body shop can give you

Everybody who owns a car has thought about putting a bit of “spice” to it. Whether it’s new rims, headlights, or painting racing stripes, we all want our cars to be a bit different from their factory set-up. And although you can change something that is already there, you can go a step beyond, and perform an auto body tuning. A professional auto body shop can always recommend optimal solutions, in order to make your car look custom made. City Auto Tech has listed a few auto body parts, which can be changed in order to provide your car with a unique characteristic. Take a look:

Face Mask

Usually, the standard face mask of a car has the car emblem on top, but it is possible to swap it for a mask without an emblem, giving your vehicle a mysterious look.

Front and Rear Bumper

There is almost an endless variety of bumpers, which can even further make your car look special. They are different in shapes and sizes, and can be even custom produced to your own specification.

Side Skirts

The bottom side part of a car has a border frame, which is fully customizable too. There are those side skirts which are made in a similar motif with the front and rear bumper, for a matching visual effect.


Now we’re talking. The spoiler is an air flow stabilizer attached on the car’s backside, making it look incredible. There are those models made for purely decorative purposes, however most of them are fully functional.


The front hood of the car can be customized with racing air vent holes for greater air intake, or custom made grooves, in order to provide aerodynamic stability.

There are many more features on the car’s body which you can upgrade, and achieve a visual effect as well as a performance increase. If you wish to find out more about car body tuning, call our San Francisco, CA auto body shop. We will be delighted to share all our information with you.

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