Things to Consider When Looking for a Reputable Auto Repair Shop

mechanic's handFew cars ever go their entire lifespan without needing at least one major repair. The question is then, which auto repair garage best suits your needs and your pocket or time constraints. One could provide lower estimated costs but put your car off the road for weeks. Another could promise speedy service, but the parts could be expensive. When it comes to auto repairs, you need to make compromises between price, time and quality.

One important thing when looking for an auto shop is reputation. Local garages are usually known within the community. It pays off to ask colleagues, local businesses and family where they take their cars for any repairs or services.

You should also contact the Better Business Bureau for any feedback on the different auto shops in your region. A rough guide to finding a repair shop could be how many cars can be seen in the garage or waiting areas. The quality ones will have more cars waiting for repair or leaving awaiting customer pick up.

There are different levels of service provided by auto repair shops. At the top are service centers by new car dealers. The mechanics are trained by one big car manufacturer, so they are familiar with a certain type of car model and can get original factory parts. The biggest problem using these is the price. Unless the car is under warranty or your insurance will cover all costs, prices will be higher with these types of repair shops.

The next type of service is found in chains or private garages. Look for training certificates displayed in the waiting area. Private shops usually have certified mechanics that enjoy their work. Since they are not affiliated with any particular manufacturer, the mechanics areĀ  free to use any parts whenever possible. Labor charges will be less since the mechanic does not charge by the hour for the actual repair time.

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