Our Auto Body Shop Specialists Know Your Vehicle Better Than You Do

In this post, the auto repair specialists working for City Auto Tech will bust 7 myths about the maintenance of your vehicle. We hope that the following information will be helpful to many local vehicle owners that care about the maintenance of their car.

1. The louder the exhaust, the more powerful the engine.

TRUTH: Smaller engines may end up being louder but this does not necessarily mean that they are more powerful.

2. Topping off brake fluid, if it is low fixes, the problem.

TRUTH: Low brake fluid can mean that your brakes are worn out or you have a leak.

3. If you jump start your automobile, you can quickly re-charge its battery.

TRUTH: In order to fully recharge the battery of your vehicle, you may need to drive for hours (if it can hold a charge at all). The best thing to do when you have such a problem is to get your battery checked at your auto repair shop.

4. The purpose of your vehicle’s exhaust system is only to reduce noise.

TRUTH: They also reduce the harmful emissions which helps the environment.

5. Your car’s coolant does not need to be changed ever.

TRUTH: The coolant in your car should be replaced once every 5 years. You should get your vehicle inspected for leaks when the coolant is low.

6. The oil in your automobile should be changed every 3,000 miles.

TRUTH: Every vehicle manufacturer recommends a different interval of time for oil change. Check your owner’s manual to learn about the requirements for your car.

7. You Need to maintain your automobile at a dealership to maintain your warranty.

TRUTH: A licensed auto body shop can do the work and maintain your warranty as long as everything is done on schedule.

For more tips and recommendations regarding the maintenance of your vehicle, you can visit our auto body shop in San Francisco, CA! Schedule an appointment in advance at (415) 643-6129 if you want to make sure that one of our qualified mechanics will be available to pay personal attention to your car’s problems when you arrive for an inspection!