Smog Check Motor-Vehicle Requirements

If you have never passed a vehicle smog check before, then you probably need some tips to help you get ready for it. Read this post, and you will learn everything you need to know before you get your car inspected!

Least expensive upgrades:

  • San Francisco smog testingOil and oil filter change
  • Oil filter and fuel filter change
  • If your positive crankcase valve (PCV) is stuck and it does not click when you shake it, then get it replaced.

Moderate upgrades:

  • Visually inspect your vehicle for worn or torn vacuum lines and replace them if necessary.
  • Check and replace the spark plugs if necessary.
  • Check or replace the spark plug wires.
  • Replace the distributor rotor.

Difficult (most expensive) upgrades:

  • Get the oil leaks around the engine checked if you believe that your emission system is not working right.
  • Check the engine light/lamp.
  • Check vacuum leaks.
  • Check the fuel injection cleaning.
  • Check throttle body cleaning
  • Check whether the EGR valve is working correctly.
  • Check for exhaust leaks if your car is getting very noisy when you accelerate the engine.
  • If our tail pipes are dispersing white smoke, you may have a water coolant leak, and if the smoke is black, you may have an oil leak inside the engine. Check in your exhaust just in case.

Special equipment has to be used by a mechanic to get all these parts checked. If you are looking for a specialist to help you with at inspection, you can always refer to a specialist from our team in San Francisco, CA! City Auto Tech can help you repair your vehicle before a smog check, so that you pass it without any problems! Call us now at (415) 643-6129 to check out when will be the best time to visit our auto repair shop.