City Auto Tech offers a bi-annual emissions check that most every car has to stand in an organization to be nicely registered to handle. Our mechanics can examine your car, and this process takes about 30 minutes. Our company which is located in San Francisco CA provide not only smog check services but brake repair measures tailpipe emissions and checks your use up and fossil systems for large problems and in doubt modifications, with the stated goal of reducing smog. Our trained technicians know that sometimes, your car does not pass, and you are faked to take activity, such as having your tinder injectors cleaned, your gas cap replaced or your wrap attached.

Number one among the California smog check service providers.

Emissions checkA regular emission measurement test can be obtained at any type of smog station. The DMV should only apply for a smog check certificate. This is considered a “regular” test. All San Francisco CA certified smog check stations can produce a “regular” test & repair smog stations, test only smog centers or gold shield centers. A regular measurement will supply when obtaining a smog check for early California registration, or when buying or selling a car in San Francisco CA.

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Smog check

At City Auto Tech our highly trained and licensed technicians will help you make specific tests on your car. We have the latest updates and state of the art equipment for this purpose, in order to provide you excellent services. We are located in San Francisco CA and we can help you not only for smog test. You can contact City Auto Tech when you need an auto body repair and brake repair services.

We offer fast and easy smog test services at affordable prices, with an easily accessible location in San Francisco CA. With our state of the art computerized smog test equipment, we can analyze your car and get your DMV certification and examination completed quickly. Contact us at City Auto Tech to learn more about our smog check and test services we provide!

Smog Check Motor-Vehicle Requirements infographic