A Vehicle Damage Caused by Summer Heat Can Cost You High Auto Repair Bills

VehicleWith the summer season approaching, our auto repair specialists have decided to tell you a few words about the effects of sun on your auto body, and how you can protect your vehicle from the UV rays and heat. If you park your car outside for 10 minutes during the summer and there are no trees to throw shade around, the temperature inside will become 109?F. After 20 minutes, it will rise to 119?F. In 30 minutes, it will become 124?F. Forty minutes of exposure to summer sun will lead to an interior car temperature of 133?F. And if you leave it at a parking lot for an hour and a half, the temperature will reach the shocking 138?F, which is 48?F hotter than the outside temperature.

If you are a fan of cookies, you will be happy to learn that at this temperature, you will only need about 2 hours to bake some in your car. Of course, this heat can damage your vehicle, and you may have to visit an auto body shop to get it fixed. Here are some of the most common damage cases:

  • Paint damage. Prolonged sun exposure can fade the color of your vehicle over time. Even parking under a tree can be bad for your paint if the tree produces sap.
    Shortened battery life. Heat causes fluid in the battery to evaporate. The lack of fluid will damage the battery’s internal structure.
    Interior damage. Heat can cause your dash to crack, even if you use a protective finish. Interior upholstery can fade and lose its luster.
  • Tire damage. Under-inflated tires are more prone to blowouts when it is hot outside.
    Overheated engine. The cooling system of your car’s engine should be properly maintained by an auto repair specialist. Otherwise, your engine may easily overheat.
  • Excessive AC and fuel use. A car parked in the sun takes much longer to cool down than the one parked inside a closed parking lot.

Should you experience a car problem caused by the summer heat in San Francisco, CA, you can always visit the auto body shop City Auto Tech and get the issue solved. You can reach us for emergency consultations at (415) 643-6129!