When Will an Auto Repair Shop Need Diagnostic Software?

Auto Diagnostic SoftwareAutomotive diagnostics software, interfaces with a vehicle’s on board computer to provide troubleshooting data. It is able to reset an check engine light on the dashboard, pull codes that are stored in the ECU, and narrow down problems. This software is an excellent tool when performing automotive maintenance.

Nearly every modern vehicle has an ECU, also known as an Engine Control Module, which keeps track of the numerous sensors which are found throughout an engine. With a fuel-injected engine, sensors provide the ECU with information, which the computer will use to make adjustments to the fuel and air intake mixture. When an ECU finds a problem it is unable to repair, it stores a trouble code to be used later, which will point out to the auto repair shop mechanic what and where the problem is.

Before 1995, manufacturers had interfaces for ECUs, diagnostics, protocols, and codes. This made things difficult for mechanics and for people wanting to work on their own cars. However, all this changed on 1 January 96, when every car made in the U.S. was required to be standardized. Every vehicle needs to have an interface with the ECU, known as on board diagnostics, within 3 feet from the driver’s seat that can be reached  without using tools.

This law created a market for commercial diagnostic software tools. These come with an interface cable which connects from the car to a laptop. The software will then be able to interface with a vehicle’s computer to obtain data. Using this program, the vehicle’s computer can be reset, trouble codes are able to be obtained, and any problems can be diagnosed without even raising the hood of the car having problems.

Auto diagnostics software can be used with an ignition key for some purposes; however, the engine can be running also for a more advanced troubleshooting. This makes software more useful for getting real time information. Voltage readouts, oxygen testing, and the monitoring of numerous systems can all be possible.

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